About Us

[ Handmade | Small-Batch | Delivered Fresh ]
We believe in:

• Making Products Fresh Using Fresh Ingredients • This ensures your products work better and keep working longer. We do not store finished products on shelves where our active ingredients can lose potency.  When you order, we start creating your product. 

• Using Safe, Proven Natural and Synthetic Ingredients to Deliver Effective Results • We love using natural ingredients as much as we can, but we incorporate safe, proven synthetic ingredients when they deliver better, faster, and longer-lasting results.

• Creating Professional-Grade Products • Our products are formulated with high levels of active ingredients at safe levels to see your desired results faster. We create our products from scratch and carefully select every ingredient that goes into them.  This allows us to create targeted products to address your specific concerns.

• Constantly Researching • We don’t rely on hearsay and we want to clear up misinformation. We read scientific journals and clinical trials to create innovative treatments and update our products accordingly. We like to share some of our findings with you on our blog.

• Giving You More Options • Skincare is not one-size fits all.  Our collections are intended to hone in on your specific concerns.  We are looking to expand our product range to create options within our collections for different skin types and accommodate personal preference.  We also offer unscented options for sensitive skin since fragrance (both natural and synthetic) is a leading skin irritant.

• Helping You Make Informed Decisions • We want you to know the best ways to use our products, improve your daily routine, help you understand more about ingredients in your products, and clear up misinformation.We are committed to giving you the tools you need to make informed decisions.

For more about us, please visit our FAQ section.